Meet Gordon




His grandmother, who was a Depression Era baby, predominantly raised Gordon. She instilled in him the value of a dollar as well as integrity, hard work and old-fashioned values. Of meager means, he quickly learned what it meant to have cards stacked against him, the importance of sticking up for himself and the need to be enterprising. His grandmother instilled in him the need to seek out higher education as well as learn a trade so he could have something to do as a fail-safe means of employment.

He learned carpentry and general construction skills at a relatively young age. He started working at the age of 10 years old when an older kid from his neighborhood sub-contracted a Pennysaver route to him. He ended up putting himself through two colleges and ultimately graduated from Stony Brook University, where he acquired a Bachelor of Arts degree in American Government with a concentration in Public Policy. He was planning to pursue an advanced degree in law with the eventual goal of becoming a lawyer due to his interest in justice and desire to help those with cards stacked against them. However, by the time he graduated from Stony Brook University, he felt it more important to enter the work force and assist with his family’s financial obligations.

Shortly after college, he was fortunate enough to land a job with Crawford and Company as an independent property adjuster. At the time, this company was the premiere property adjusting company in the country with widely recognized and extensive adjuster training. For providing excellent customer service, he was often lauded by his superiors. He won many production awards in his department. Cardinal Claims then recruited him, in large part due to his training & education. Cardinal led to believe he would have a long time position. However, due to a drop off in seasonal business, he was laid off. His next employer and the one after that repeated this cycle.

Seeing that employment in his field was on an as needed basis, he formed Property Consulting Services in January 1996 later incorporating. This is an insurance claims consulting firm that assisted insurance companies and adjusting companies with the processing of property damage claims.

During this time, he was able to work, at one time or another, for most major adjusting companies and most of the nationally recognized insurance companies. He was able to acquire a very large skillset that enabled him to excel in his field. His combination of pre-law studies and construction knowledge provided him with the tools to succeed. Being a very small company made it very difficult to obtain insurance companies as clients. However, he was able to acquire these accounts due to his veracious tenacity.

Gordon has done extensive traveling to storm damaged areas to process property damage claims. He has witnessed first-hand the devastation caused by hurricanes, flooding, tornadoes, water, ice/snow, hail and fire. He has personally handled thousands of each type of insurance claim for damages from water, fire, flood, smoke, mold, hail, lightning, ice/snow, vandalism/theft and a whole host of other causes of damage. He has seen the aftermath and emotional toll that these clams take on the owners. He decided to do his part by helping people with their claims within the confines of the insurance company requirements. He takes great joy in helping people get their lives back.

Gordon had a working relationship with Interboro Insurance since 1995. Gordon’s company was their primary vendor for property claim adjustments from 2006 until 2016 when they were sold to an out of state company. During this association, Interboro relied heavily upon his expertise and professionalism. He was able to provide excellent customer service, which they appreciated as they let him handle all of their large/complicated losses and “VIP’s”. He was also attributed with teaching coverage and claims handling to new hires at Interboro.

Gordon has received many accolades from past employers, clients and policyholders. These are a testament to his work ethic, professionalism and expertise. He has had an article published in the August 1999 edition of CLAIMS magazine, which further illustrates his expertise. He not only knows about insurance coverage but he knows what it takes to put a building back together after it has become damaged by fire, water, wind, hail, smoke and a whole host of other perils. He believes in laying the cards on the table and is known as a “straight shooter”.

He was a volunteer Peace Officer with the Suffolk County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. His tenure with that agency lasted 9 years. During that time, he helped many animals with cards stacked against them. He was the recipient of the Exceptional Service Award and helped initiate many programs. Gordon was a First Responder with the SPCA after 9/11.  He authored a Guide to Responsible Dog Ownership on which he had given multiple lectures. He is currently a member of the Fraternal Order of Police in a local lodge.

Gordon enjoys spending what free time he has listening to music, playing with his family and dog and enjoying the outdoors. However, most of all, Gordon enjoys helping people.