Why Use Armor Adjusting?

We have a world of knowledge with over 25 years of vast experience and expertise that we want to share with you and use to help you. We bring caring professionals, integrity and passion to the table. We do not want you to settle for less than you should. Use our skills to your advantage.

Many public adjusting companies will promise you the sun and deliver only a spark. We will not promise anything that we cannot deliver. The old maxim that you get what you pay for rings true. Some of our competitors will charge a very low fee, have little to no experience or knowledge and may not have your best interests at heart. They may not know the policy and your duties and rights. This could easily cause you to unknowingly violate the policy conditions and jeopardize coverage. This means that all of the repairs and cost to replace items will be solely your responsibility-even though you have insurance.

Our fee will be money well spent when you get more out of your claim as a result. We will help maximize your claim settlement. If you do not receive payment for your claim then we do not get paid-it’s that simple. You will not have to lay out any money for our services.

While others may charge you a lower fee, they may try to steer you to one of their contractors. This is likely not in your best interest. Their contractor may charge you for things are not needed or covered by the insurance policy. You may not find out until it is too late at which point you will be financially responsible for these expenses on top of having to lay out the deductible.

Some public adjusters may offer you a low fee just to get you to sign their contract. After you do, you may find that they give little to no attention to your claim. You will be just another number to them as you are to the insurance company. Our competition may drag on the claim unnecessarily just to boost it a few dollars, which will increase what they receive yet delay you putting your life back together.

Integrity & Compassion

They may settle for the first offer from the insurance company even though it may not be the best or fairest.  They may not have the expertise or knowledge to argue properly for you.  They may not know anything about damages or repairs. When they see a repair estimate prepared by an insurance adjuster, they may not even know what they are looking at other than a bunch of numbers.

For example, they may not know the proper way to dry out a home after it has become water damaged. If not dried properly, you could have repairs done and then discover mold. We have seen it happen. If your representative is not aware of the repercussions of not having repairs performed properly, you will be the one left out to dry. In this example, if your home was not dried out properly and was then repaired for you to later discover mold, your insurance company will likely fight tooth and nail to deny coverage for the mold due to improper workmanship-among other things.

It is common for public adjusters and insurance company adjusters to cross paths many times throughout their career and have a good working relationship that is all warm and fuzzy. However, it does not do you any good if your public adjuster does not want to rattle some cages, which may make his job harder the next time he encounters the same company adjuster. We have seen this first hand done by many public adjusting companies.

If you should sustain a fire to your home, you will inevitably find a line of public adjusters outside of your home, trying desperately to acquire your business in your time of a crisis. This may happen while the home is still burning. We have seen it first-hand and believe it to be predatory and disgusting. It reminds us of vultures circling the dying waiting to take advantage of the situation. You may receive calls from people who claim to be public officials, but who are working on behalf of other public adjusting companies. They will be trying to get information that will be useful in their sales pitch.

Over 25 Years Experience

We recognize that when your home or business is damaged, it is disruptive and can be an emotional experience. It never happens at a good time. We get that. Then on top of it, there is the money factor involved, which adds insult to injury.  It can be a very devastating and trying time. You have likely worked very hard to acquire your assets to see them become damaged beyond repair. You may have some very fond memories of your home or business that can make a claims’ loss become an emotional issue. You have a life to lead with many day-to-day duties that need your attention yet you have to navigate the insurance claim process. We believe we can alleviate this stress for you by representing you against the insurance companies and assisting you with the claim process. We want to make this tough situation go smooth with the best possible outcome. You do not need anyone taking advantage of you. You need someone helping you.

We have 25+ years of living and learning the tricks of the trade from the insurance company’s standpoint. We have extensive training and hands on experience. We are fully trained in policy coverage, damage assessment, construction estimation and determining causes of damages among many other topics. We have handled somewhere over 25,000 claims ranging in dollar values from the very small into the millions of dollars. We have first-hand experience with the full range of damages, which include: water, mold, fire, smoke, wind, hail, hurricane, tornado, hail, flood, lightning, snow/ice, vandalism and theft. We have been qualified by courts as experts in our field. Let our knowledge work for you.

Our main goal is your best interest as it should be and as the law dictates. We will not be afraid or reluctant to step on some toes, argue for your benefit or consider your predicament. We want to work FOR you and if given the chance, we will. At Armor Adjusting, “Not only will we stand behind you, we’ll stand up for you.”