Wind Damage Claims

Mother Nature is a force that just cannot be reckoned with. One of her main forces is wind. Wind can create all sorts of damage and be a safety hazard on many levels. Wind can come from any direction, at any speed and at any time-sometimes without even a warning. It can cause damage on all sides of your home, from the top to bottom of your home and allow interior damage. Most insurance policies in NY will cover wind damage.

Wind can uproot trees, lift and damage roof shingles, loosen or blow off your siding, blow off your chimney caps or blow over fences. Wind can lift all sorts of items making them projectiles that can end up crashing into your home and damaging it. The smallest of items can cause great damage when blown by wind. Wind can even force rain into the tiniest of crevices causing water damage to the inside of your home.

The effects of wind to structures can be devastating or they can be a nuisance. Wind can be as disruptive as any other cause of damage to a home. In just one shot, it can wipe out your roof, siding, fencing, pool, sheds and all of your personal belongings leaving you homeless. It can leave the inside of your home open to further wind, rain and possibly burglars. Your home can sustain very significant water damage from the opening that was created with only one roof shingle or piece of siding damaged by wind.

Either way, after a wind event you should have your structure checked to make sure it hasn’t sustained any damage. If it has suffered damage then you should really consider filing a claim for the wind damage, as it can be costly to repair. While the damage may seem minimal, there is a good chance that it may be more than you think.

Oftentimes after a storm due to labor and material shortages, contractors raise prices. Who wants to pay out of their pocket for repairs let alone inflated prices? That’s what insurance claims are for-to help assist you financially in making repairs caused by items covered in your policy. If your home sustains damage from wind then contact us at Armor Adjusting. We have extensive experience in evaluating wind damages-from the low-level wind to hurricanes and tornadoes. We have seen it all and want to use our expertise to your advantage.